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Traumatic Brain Injury Sufferers have found their Princess Di

March 12, 2007

When ABC News Anchor Bob Woodruff entered the news field, he may have had the idea that he could help change the world.  He has, though not in a way he might have expected.

Woodruff sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) while covering news in Iraq and has since partially recovered.  His story has generated a great deal of interest in TBIs and the great eye of the American Media has focused its attention on what is now being called a Silent Epidemic.

According to a story reported by (click here), 1.4 million Americans suffer Traumatic Brain Injuries every year—making TBI more common than cardiac arrest.  Over 5 million of us are dealing with long-term TBI disabilities.

Common problems associated with Traumatic Brain Injuries include impaired thinking, attention, memory and judgment.  Sparks of Genius’ cognitive training helps to literally rewire the brain and enhance those skills.

TBIs are most often the result of car accidents and explosions.  In a separate article (here), MSNBC reports that the damage is not all instantaneous.  After the traumatic event, bodily processes that occur can aggravate and expand the effects.  Effective, timely treatments could make an enormous difference to victims.

Kim Valentini, the TBI victim highlighted in the article, found significant improvement by undergoing intensive retraining.  Sparks of Genius can be an effective part of rehabilitation, and has had great success in working with victims of mild Traumatic Brain Injuries (mTBI).

Of course, the reason that TBI has been a silent epidemic is that the media has been silent about it.  No one can blame them.  They can’t bother to discuss a major medical issue for which there is no Viagra.  All their top people are in Iraq and covering Anna Nicole Smith’s funeral.

Thanks Mr. Woodruff!  You put a face and a family behind TBI.  Like Princess Di, who helped focus the world’s attention on the horrors of land mines and the suffering of its victims, you have enlightened us.  Sadly, Princess Di may have been more effective if, instead of talking about land mines, she had been killed by one; as long as Anna Nicole Smith didn’t die that day, too.